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An Introduction To Management Bureaus

Management Bureaus are designed to be used as tools to enhance the success and profitability of your operation. Company profitability comes from detailed knowledge of your operation, reliable information regarding what level of performance can be expected, and having the drive to take the necessary actions to improve all areas of the operation. Management Bureaus provide a framework in which these factors can be developed.

Enthusiastic groups of laundry, dry cleaning, linen, industrial rental plant owners, restaurateurs, insurance and advertising executives have been meeting on a routine basis in Management Bureaus for over 40 years. These meetings focus on improving profits, reducing costs, and increasing sales. Demand for additional Bureaus continues to increase.

METHODS FOR MANAGEMENT is the most experienced consulting firm in the area of Management Bureaus. Our exposure to this process spans a period beginning in 1953 with consulting assignments throughout the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia. We have been successfully coordinating Management Bureaus since 1960.

Management Bureaus, coordinated by METHODS FOR MANAGEMENT provide the following services:


Bureau Members visit each member’s operation. Areas of interest or concern by the member are reviewed by the host’s peers. Analyses and recommendations are offered by the Bureau members and the Coordinator.


Computer aided reports are issued to Bureau members by the Coordinator reflecting each member’s progress over time as well as results in comparison to other members. Trends or variances between plants are analyzed in order to increase the understanding of each Bureau member of his company’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.



As a Bureau returns to each plant, generally after twenty four months, the original critique is reviewed. Comparisons are made between the original recommendations and actual changes that occurred. The company’s progress is evaluated by knowledgeable peers with an external perspective of the operation.or.


Each meeting is coordinated and facilitated by a member of the MfM professional consulting team. The Coordinator brings the expertise and past experience necessary for the success of the Management Bureau. The Coordinator directs the evaluation of operating and management problems and informs Bureau Members of the latest systems, procedures and techniques available for improved management and profitability.

Individual financial data will not be revealed to Bureau Members. All information is submitted directly to METHODS FOR MANAGEMENT and is strictly confidential. Data is compared on the bases of percentages and ratios. To further insure the success of the Bureau, an attempt is made to involve firms of comparable size and markets, but which are located in noncompeting geographic areas.

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